Home Sustainability Assessment (HSA)

Australia is consuming energy, water and materials at a staggering and unsustainable rate.

We all have to be conscious of this and take practical action to reduce it on a day to day basis, both for ourselves now and for our children’s future. Now more than ever it is essential that our homes are as efficient as can be, and also that every member of the family knows how to reduce consumption.

When we reduce our resource consumption we also slow down the environmental effects caused by pollution. Reducing resource consumption also leads to a healthy home with reduced living expenses.

Almost all of the established homes built in the last 100 years have not been designed and constructed with thermal comfort and performance in mind. This will most likely include the one you live in right now!

If you live in a house where in winter you get out of bed in the morning freezing and have to run and turn the heater on, mildew growing in certain rooms, there is condensation running down the windows in winter or in summer it is like a hot box and hard to cool down, then the house has been definitely built with no thermal planning in mind.

Our business and the reports we provide are not associated with any Government Schemes, Green Loan Schemes etc. either State or Federal Government Schemes, or those provided through councils. These are only basic and at best just a token effort. No serious reliance can be placed on Government associated Schemes.

HSA for Established Homes

A Home Sustainability Assessment can provide you with valuable information and guidance on how you can improve your existing building and lifestyle usage of the property. The HSA is a holistic assessment which covers both the practical building side, plus the lifestyle usage for efficient living.

Improving your home and usage of it leads to more comfort and helps reduce your electricity, gas, water bills and waste.

Improvements can range from simple things we can all do around the house like changing light bulbs to compact fluoro or LED globes (and not leaving them on if you are out of the room) to major retrofitting and renovating the building.

Retrofitting is the process of changing an existing building and replacing components of it with more innovative and modern materials.

HSA for Established Home Buyers

If you are about to purchase a established home then our HSA Pre-Purchase Report will assist in identifying both the building's current status and what may be required to bring it up to a better standard in order to cope with a sustainable future.

HSA for New Home Buyers

If you want to buy a new house-land package then have a Home Sustainability Assessment done on the project before you sign the building contract, or we can provide a complete building ‘Pre-Plan’ for your block of land.

Many new homes are still not planned or built correctly for high thermal performance, especially the cheaper project homes in new estates and builder's developments. Victoria's star rating system is just a basic start and is not fully indicative of the best outcome. A Home Sustainability Assessment is totally different to the star rating system.


If you have an old house that you intend to renovate or extend then it is essential to make the alterations and extension the best possible for future thermal performance.

We can provide a sustainable ‘Pre-Plan’ for your proposed extension. This service covers both the old part of the building which will be retained and a pre-plan of the new proposed section.

If you wish to improve living in your current home then start NOW! call us to provide a Sustainability Assessment so you can start making a difference to increasing the comfort of your home, reduce your monthly bills, reduce waste, help the environment, and improve your resale value.